Entering the World
Addison’s Tales


Greetings wayfarer. Are you on a quest for curious tales? Well, you’re in luck. In my cottage you will find some of the stranger story characters that I have purchased from Mack – one of the most remarkable character merchants you’re ever likely to meet.

You will notice that some characters here are solid while others are see-through. That is because the transparent characters are still roaming the realms of my imagination – waiting patiently to be placed within a tale of their own. These characters will become solid once their story is complete. At that moment, you will be able to download their tale to your device.

Ah, Tibbens – my loyal and foul smelling companion. Irritable, gaseous and generally miserable, he has been known to deliberately break wind whenever he catches Penelope sitting by the fire. Worse still, he sometimes barks in the middle of the night for no other reason but to revenge himself on the household. You would have trouble finding a more loyal or more poorly trained guard dog. But did you know that he also plays a cameo role in the tale of Penelope? Choose your device to download the story and discover just how unpleasant he can be.

Somewhere within the full tale of Penelope, our heroine encounters the Adder – my very first purchase from Mack the character merchant. The Adder is also known as the Ageless One, the Wanderer, or the Reader of Runes, and can predict your future … if you are willing to pay his fee. To discover the Adder for yourself, download a copy of Penelope by selecting your device.

And to learn how I first purchased him from Mack, read “The Dream” below. Just like Penelope, the story is best for readers in the 'Furud' Reading Level stage.

What would you do if you were a gnome and the fallen stars that normally lit your Underworld were all dying? You wouldn’t send for an adventurous cat, a terrified and portly squirrel, and a pirate gnome that you’d already banished from your homeland … would you?

Unfortunately for the gnomes of Epsilon Falls, that’s exactly who comes down from the Old Town History Museum Garden claiming to hold the key to save the Underworld from darkness. Choose the icon for your device to download the story and follow the unlikely heroes as they attempt to bring light to the Caverns of the gnomes.

The hero of this strange and humorous tale is Harry the Huntsman – a short-sighted ‘door’ spider who wanders the land fighting criminally minded mosquitoes in return for a little accommodation from strangers. Charlie, being a sensible boy of seven, accepts the huntsman’s offer and allows Harry to perch on the bookshelf beside his doorway. It is here that the spider reveals himself to be a curiously polite, well-read and vigilant bodyguard tough enough to handle the might of the Blood Brothers – a gang of vicious mosquitoes led by Caspius Cruel.

I see my bookshelf has caught your eye, friend. Here I keep the books that I heartily recommend to older readers who enjoy a little bit of a fright on their way to school. The first book I suggest you read is called ‘Voyage of the Dawn Star’, written by Calladin author W. P. Blythe. The tale recounts the fate of the Dawn Star – a Dutch fishing trawler manned by Captain Valdemeer and his crew that disappeared during a tempest on the South Seas in 1963. Probably best read by fearless folk aged 10 and up.

Could you imagine holding your very own character as a toy or class mascot? All you need to do is read "The Dream", draw the coolest character you can find, take a picture and ask your teacher, parent or guardian to submit it to me. The wildest characters will be displayed here. At the end of the month, one displayed character will be turned into a real life toy by a CE-approved toymaker. In the meantime, why not get cracking writing your character into a tale of its own?

Good luck!

Hi there! I'm Vincent. Last name Hamulet. I like cheese and good tunes. So, you're after the music, right? At the moment I've got three songs. One from Harry the Huntsman and two from Penelope that I sing. I wanted to sing the song from Harry the Huntsman too but they wouldn't let me, which is completely unfair because I sing in a choir and recorded my own video that's cute and cool, and whoever sung The Landloper's Song from Harry the Huntsman doesn't even have a video (not a proper one anyway with things happening in it). You want to see the video? Just press the projector. Yeah, I know the music's old school, like, seriously old school, but you gotta admit it's catchy. You know what else? If you play the sheet music and want to record a class recital, get an adult to email Cornelius@addisonstales.com a youtube link and he can link to it from the addisonstales youtube channel. Peace, brothers and sisters.

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